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A Muckle Sad Christmas A Muckle Sad Christmas

Rated 5 / 5 stars


An deeply moving emotional piece...

...blended with masochistic satire. Watch this film!

Artificial High 3 Artificial High 3

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Fluid As They Come

So sporadic, trying to keep up with all that was going on and still sit back and appreciate the amazing transition animations was challenging on my end! I can see a hell of a lot of effort was put into this to keep it flowing well. The morphing animations were very impressive.

However, the music made me physically sick, I loved the animation in this movie but I don't think I could watch it again with the sound on before throwing up. It did fit the style of the film, but it also lowered my score for it.

Hope to see more of this type of crazy shit


Awkward Nature Awkward Nature

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Art was nice, shame about the humour

I'm confused as to whether or not this was actually supposed to be funny or an even worse attempt at being moral. Either way, this was nothing more than fancy artwork and some pretty plush frame by frame animation which I liked.

Voice acting was well done, it was trying to be like television though, which I can't bide in flash cartoons. However it was of better quality than what I've seen elsewhere so you get kudos for that, as well as for the background music.

In short, make it longer, and optimise a tad, 1.7MB is too much for a movie this short.


.GiD. .GiD.

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Shoddily Presented

The introductory menu I think was the best presented part of this. The rest was awful. Let me run it down.

What actual art was there was barely animated at all, and the real animation consisted of a whole load of raster images you collected and flash in front of my face in a random order. That's not animation, that's a slideshow.

The voice acting was quite possibly the worst I've heard in a long while. Stop slavering into the mic and learn some live audio techniques. It was more painful to listen to, especially coupled with the terrible overused sound effects and background music which was badly levelled.

A film this short shouldn't have 'acts'. 20 seconds of pictures does not constitute an 'act'.


inevitability responds:

You have a valid point about the animation. As to the acts, as I have said before... it is my movie, my message, my concept... I do what I feel to do with it.

As to the sound. Thats a matter of perspective.

Thanks for watching.

-Play- -Play-

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Interesting, I'll Give You That

Well I can't really praise you for the art or the animation since they're clearly traced, but I can definately congratulate you for the sequencing of the animations.

The beat is kinda rhythmic even by itself, but coupled with the amazing syncrhonisation of the silhouettes it's pretty damn entertaining, especially when you sit and pick out which characters are making which noises.

The sounds also sound very authentic like you made them yourself, and make the piece look very professional.


-Obsolete- -Obsolete-

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A Moving Story

I really liked this piece. From start to finish I felt immersed in the story and animation. It's not a really deep story, but probably one a lot of people can relate to.

Art was simplistic, use of shade and shadow, no lines which is fast becoming a popular style today. Colours were all in blocks, something I find myself usually complaining about because it irritates me, but I'll let it pass this time.

The animation I thought was a little hesitant at times, it didn't flow well at certain points in the movie, but having said that, it didn't stop the flow of the movie as a whole, it kept it going.

The music was what really immersed me in it. It puts you in a hypnotic state more than anything in the film. It was a good mix which draws you in and makes you feel more for tha robot. A really good subtle tune, I love it.

Great idea for a story, pretty powerful, hope to see more like this.


"Shame" "Shame"

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Minimal, But The Joke Was There

It was good enough for a chuckle, but to be honest, this 'cartoon' was all audio, and since I can't be sure you even invented the joke, I can't give you any points for that.

The art and animation were both poor, and the raster images were of awful quality, I can't understand why you'd put those in your cartoon at that standard of image quality. However you did put some really good effort into lip-syncing which works pretty well.

The audio itself was poorly recorded or set to an extremely low quality in Flash, but either way it was sore to listen to.

Short enough joke to watch, but executed sloppily.


"Megaman" (1/3) -Short- "Megaman" (1/3) -Short-

Rated 1 / 5 stars


The art was simplistic, I did like some of the perspective techniques you used, but apart from that, it was all terrible.

Firstly, the animations was lacking, there was very little and what was there was not impressive in the least. Although some of the best immersion comes from pieces with little animation, it needs to have a good plot, which this didn't.

This I found to be extremely childish humour, generic jokes with no original twist to them, and that toilet scene was unforgivable.

And we'll move on to the crowning touch, the audio. Artificial reverb only sounds good if you know what you're doing, if it weren't for the subtitles (which were very ugly), I wouldn't have been able to understand them. Music also nothing special, annoying actually.

This film confirms my theory that megaman fans are some of the most boring people alive.


Eric-S responds:

Hmm, i really didn't put very much effort on this, i already know about the toilet scene (read the comments from the back), isn't most of the movies aimed at little kids?

Subtitles? WTF did you wanted? A Mona Lisa on each letter, dude, they are letters! not Art!

im very new to animating, don't be so hard on me, im trying to improve as much as i can, the script for this one sucks, the next one is much better and no toilet humor, i promise.

and, you aren't that much of a flasher either, Krin did most of the work on Sinjid (if you are pretending to use that as an argument).

Hah, you seriously don't like Iron Maiden?, plus i didn't really use music at all, i just used a part from lynyrd's intro and a IronM loop, what's the big deal about it?

so, just because i didn't use your music style you didn't like it?

Boring people alive? Megaman Fans? You are boring, you think its Hilarious to make games?, nah, you got no moral to critique me.

You = Fail.

Tetris'd Tetris'd

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A quality piece of work with a great concept

It may not have been that long but the idea was flawless. You maybe went a bit too over the top with the gradients, but your animation skills especially with limbs and the comedy timing couldn't have been done any better.

The music added to the effect brilliantly, had it been the old music I don't think this would have had half the explosion that it does. CS sound effects maybe overused but they work perfectly in a piece like this.

I especially enjoyed the subtlties like the true high score increments of the actual blocks and lines, and shows you don't need to be an amazing artist to pull off something that's actually funny.


Warrior Boarder Warrior Boarder

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

You definately have some potential

I'll start by saying that your artistic style is superb, and your animation had me impressed, if it is a little cliche style. Anybody who has the patience for fbf gets a thumbs up in my book.

Yes the music is good, but extremely overused and to be honest, didn't really fit the atmosphere of the movie, and of course you used the preset sound effects in Flash, which I can't rate very highly at all.

Yes it was aesthetically pleasing, and yes it had a funny moment in it but skateboarding is just terrible, I can't stress how strongly I hate skateboarding, and as a result the movie bored me rigid.

Use your art skills on something a little more interesting, and try to polish off your works with some thoughtful music and sound effects.