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An deeply moving emotional piece...

...blended with masochistic satire. Watch this film!

Art was nice, shame about the humour

I'm confused as to whether or not this was actually supposed to be funny or an even worse attempt at being moral. Either way, this was nothing more than fancy artwork and some pretty plush frame by frame animation which I liked.

Voice acting was well done, it was trying to be like television though, which I can't bide in flash cartoons. However it was of better quality than what I've seen elsewhere so you get kudos for that, as well as for the background music.

In short, make it longer, and optimise a tad, 1.7MB is too much for a movie this short.


Shoddily Presented

The introductory menu I think was the best presented part of this. The rest was awful. Let me run it down.

What actual art was there was barely animated at all, and the real animation consisted of a whole load of raster images you collected and flash in front of my face in a random order. That's not animation, that's a slideshow.

The voice acting was quite possibly the worst I've heard in a long while. Stop slavering into the mic and learn some live audio techniques. It was more painful to listen to, especially coupled with the terrible overused sound effects and background music which was badly levelled.

A film this short shouldn't have 'acts'. 20 seconds of pictures does not constitute an 'act'.


inevitability responds:

You have a valid point about the animation. As to the acts, as I have said before... it is my movie, my message, my concept... I do what I feel to do with it.

As to the sound. Thats a matter of perspective.

Thanks for watching.

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Polished And Professional

Very slick looking game, the art was more detailed in this than I see in a lot of other flash games, but onto the mechanics.

I felt that however well coded this game was (didn't notice any bugs, very smooth flow, transitioning worked very well) I felt the mechanics weren't fluid at all. The horizontal movement was not the right proportion to the velocity at which the skiier was travelling, and the vertical movement wasn't moving at a constant deceleration making it very difficult to judge when to jump. This also didn't gel very nicely with the insane difficulty curve this game presents. Too difficult in fact.

I can't really comment on the length of the game, if there's more than one slope I can't get to it.

Music and sound effects were quite plush actually, good audio quality and exclusive music are rarities in online games, that's what clinched the "polish" for me.


A very simple and innovative game

I've had quite a bit of fun with this, nice features of gameplay, and demonstrates that you don't need amazing graphics for a fun experience. I have to commend you on a very original concept., complete with a well designed gameplay.

However, there was a major flaw, in that your collision detection between the player and the field of view is awful. I noticed you can not collide with the graphic, but still be colliding with the bounding box and still get caught. This hinders gameplay significantly and I suggest you fix it immediately.

The background music was fitting and the sound effects I thought were humorous, and cooincided nicely with the funny dialogue which drew me into the submissions. Keep it up!



I started up the game and the 3D graphics looked immense. I have no idea how or with what you made those, but they were very intricate and detailed.

I started wondering, I know you did the graphics in some sort of 3D program but I do not know whether the engine is also 3D animation or some bloody amazing trigonometry, so I gave you the benefit of the doubt for interactivity. The scenery looked like it was lineTo()'ed which is awesome if it is actually made that way, but the high filesize and the speed of the game leads me to believe it isn't. Perhaps 3D animation just naturally takes that amount of space, I wouldn't know.

You definately lacked in sound, but I'm thinking a bit of ingame music may have slowed it down a bit. I did like the sound effects, they were synched and fitting.

To do with gameplay, it was fast paced and addictive. Some careful dynamic clip producing allowed for a clever enemy and weapon system which I enjoyed deconstructing in my mind. It also ran way too fast for a game with 3D animation, a number of loops denoting enemies AND a trig script, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't trig, but hey I may be wrong.

Hope to see more 3D shooters!

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